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"Erica is an excellent country singer and she did a fantastic job at entertaining the crowd at the Thetford Mines Country Festival, we even asked her if she’d be back the following year"


André Breton, Country Festival Promoter


Singer-songwriter Erica Brighthill is a warm, twinkling light in country music – a light that can turn to “party mode” with the flip of a switch. Based in Ottawa, Canada, Erica’s love of music began at a very early age. Inspired by her mother’s best friend who was a country singer, and other powerhouse women like Shania Twain and Carrie Underwood, Brighthill found her own unique voice and has not stopped using it. 


Along with her smooth, entrancing voice, her spirit and energy are what make her shine. But beneath all the sparkling lights lies a firm foundation. Like the solid, rich soil under a field of sunflowers, her music always holds a strong message. For example, her song “Girls Don’t Need a Guy to Dance”, although fun and feel-good (and very danceable), sends an empowering message for young women. This is the line that Brighthill walks so well – the line between fun, joyful energy and real substance – and it is part of what makes her so captivating.

Brighthill was nominated for Country Artist of the Year at the Ottawa Faces Awards and was nominated for Best Country Music Video at the Canadian Independent Music Awards in 2022. She also won the Someday Live Competition in 2017. In 2020 and 2021, respectively, she released her first and second singles “Still Small Voice” and “Girls Don't Need A Guy to Dance”. And with her recent signing to Willow Sound Records (Ottawa/Nashville) she'll be releasing another string of singles in 2022.


Erica Brighthill’s music is an invitation into her world – a world in which life is celebrated and kindness reigns supreme. Her values are directly reflected in her songs, which are delivered with powerful conviction. It is not lost on anyone that she believes what she sings. She is determined to give her listeners a sense of comfort and understanding, even amidst chaos, by being herself and telling her stories in a relatable way. 





Willow Sound Records


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